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Preserving and Honoring Southern Lineages
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Southeast region, Charleston, Savannah and Atlanta
From simple look ups to detailed family lineages
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Overcoming records that were lost during the Civil War
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GRITS Mission

Genealogical Research In The South (GRITS)
is a full service genealogical research firm that
specializes in southern lineages. We provide accurate, ethical and professional research and documentation of southern family lineages so that southeastern and Lowcountry families may honor
and preserve the memory of their southern heritage.


I was searching for a genealogist to help me
with my family tree and I found Cynthia Horn
(GRITS) through the Association of Professional
Genealogists website. I was so glad to have
found Cynthia because she turned out to be
exactly who I needed! She was very proactive
throughout the entire process and she kept me
up to date regularly as she uncovered new
information. I especially appreciated her
willingness to "go the extra mile" as she provided
me with more information than I anticipated.
I could tell she is passionate about what she
does and it definitely shows in her work. My
experience has been great and I would strongly
recommend Cynthia to anyone in need of help
with their genealogy!
- B. Rogers – Atlanta, GA


"We appreciate your time and effort that you
have put in to the ancestral work for the
Marcos family. Your presentation was beautifully
done and the facts that you found regarding our
family were remarkable. We are very pleased
with the portfolio of the history of our family
and look forward to your portfolio educating our
generations to come.
Again, thank you so much for all of your help."
- T. Marcos, Greenville, South Carolina


"When I hired Cynthia Horn and GRITS, I had no idea what I was getting into. Sure, I asked for lookups of specific records, but never broad research on a specific ancestor. Cynthia helped and guided me through the research process. She was courteous, timely, and understanding of the fact that there was some information I couldn't provide for my ancestor. With the little information I did have, she and her assistant searched far and wide for information about him, going the extra mile to uncover more about his life. That included going to churches, cemeteries, and the GA archives. I was provided with a research report to help me find more information about him. Because of GRITS, I know more about the research process and I'm even more appreciative of the tireless work professional genealogists do."
- M. Presbury, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania